Saturday, April 9, 2011

Initial Thoughts

What does it mean to live more like Jesus? Why is it that we as fundamental or evangelical (whatever label you are comfortable with) Christians can sit through a Sunday morning sermon on money, or the way we treat others, and walk out the door as if we had been watching a secular sitcom. God's Word is serious. I'm not just talking to you, the reader, but to myself. I so often feel as if I am not diligent enough at applying scripture to my life. I'll borrow a reference from a brother in Christ, dear friend, and my Sunday School teacher... the "biblical narrative". We must apply the biblical narrative to all aspects of our lives, and not just those of great theological importance. After all, in reality, every jot and tittle is of great theological importance.

One of the primary observations that has triggered this blog is the observation of afluenza in Christ's Church. We in Baptist, middle class America have become so comfortable in our large, luxury homes, Sport Utility Vehicles, and church "programs" that we have abandoned fundamental truths, and replaced them with cultural norms, and church traditions. We have forgotten that there is a lost world out there, who is dying and going to an eternal hell, as the result of our negligence to live out a Spirit filled Christian life. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe these luxuries that I speak of are evil by any means. I like them, and even aspire to live a little better some day. I think they just add to complacence.